Good Evening pretty people, So today I bought a new camera that I will be using from now on probably every single day for the blog. It’s a very basic camera: Nikon D3000… View Full Post

          Today I decided to take you on a ride with me, on a very cold winter morning and share one the cool parts of my life being a racehorse exercise… View Full Post

        Bonjour my petit croissants, In this blog post, I am taking you on a lovely punting tour in Cambridge. It’s a fantastic activity to do with your family and friends all… View Full Post

  BONJOUR MY PETIT CROISSANTS!     This might sound pretty crazy but I speak three languages; I mean to me it’s cool because I can speak with a wide variety of people from everywhere… View Full Post

  I started riding horses when I was very very young; I couldn’t even tell you when. My father and grandad were both working in the horse-racing industry and this is the main reason why… View Full Post